Monday 12th January 2009

Humans are funny creatures. They look at each other and often don’t realise that anything has changed and when they do, they something like ‘Is it your hair?’ when the person has got a broken leg, or ‘You look well.’ When they’ve got new glasses. Very rarely do they look at each other well enough to be able to say ‘Oh I like your new glasses.’ Not of course that I said that to my Mistress either when she came back from the optician. I just sniffed and nuzzled to check out where she’d been and make sure she basically still smelt the same. Fortunately, she wasn’t disappointed that I didn’t notice, it was more the fact that the humans didn’t notice that she found depressing. Now if she’s been out and rolled in something smelly, then I would have noticed. In that case I would probably have given her a good lick as well as a sniff, while the rest of the family would have told her to go away!

I’m eagerly waiting for news of whether the first of the puppies that are going to come and live with me are expected soon. It’s been a long wait and I’ve been very patient, but now I am starting to get very excited by the prospect. I’m not so excited about having to take on the responsibility of teaching them all that I’ve learnt, but I’m sure with a little help from my attentive Mistress we’ll soon knock the little fella into shape. Can you still call it a fella when it’s going to be a girl? My Mistress is hoping she will be as easy to housetrain as I was, but then I pointed out I was a very special puppy and it is highly unlikely that she would ever find another one like me.


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