Friday 8th May 2009

It turns out that being in charge does not make you brave. Shadow was so nervous at the vet yesterday having her rabies jab that the vet has suggested that next time I should take her as she may feel better with me around. I felt really quite proud when my Mistress told me that. It will of course mean that my Mistress has her hands full with us when we go, but we might be able to make it quite fun. I didn’t think it was quite so much a compliment when the vet said I could be bribed more easily than Shadow, anyone would think that there was something wrong with being enthusiastic about food.

I remember when I had my rabies jab, I just slept for the whole of the following day. I’m hoping that if Shadow is the same I should have the chance to catch up on some of the naps I’ve been missing out on. It is particularly difficult now that Shadow has more of a run of the house. It makes it much harder for me to hide from her. I can’t believe how she can bounce up and down stairs so easily. It makes me wonder if it is just my heart murmur that holds me back or whether I’m simply not built for agility and am in reality lazy.  If she isn’t too naughty, doing her own thing, I thing Shadow could be very good at agility. My Mistress says she can’t start until she’s older, not just because of not putting too much pressure on her joints, but because the garden fence isn’t high enough at this house to keep her in. To be honest, I’m thinking of nicknaming her Houdini anyway. I don’t think the height of the fence will be the obstacle.


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