Friday 7th August 2009

I’m afraid I have to speak out. Once again the rights of dog’s are being threatened in dogist society. Due to the increase in the numbers of dog’s in Shanghai, rather than working out how to integrate the population into society the authorities are feeling threatened and are clamping down on their rights. How can it ever be the right response to create a segregated society in which some have the right to travel by bus, while others are made to walk? It has taken years of oppression of many groups of people for the world to turn round and say that such behaviours are wrong. Now we find that elements of human kind are turning on dogs and making them the oppressed. It’s hard to speak out and be heard when you are not the ruling class in society, but it’s time for us all to stand together and say that no form of oppressive society can ever be right. Whether it is my own kind, or human beings that are on the receiving end of the denial of rights, this can never present a way forward in any civilised society.

Feeling threatened by anyone that is different to yourself says more about your own inadequacies and insecurities than it does about the other person. True equality should be the goal for us all. It takes strength and confidence to reach out to someone who is completely different to yourself and welcome them as your brother, but that should be the goal of us all. If humans would look at the world as a dog does, they wouldn’t see the differences in the same way. Every hand has the ability and capacity to stroke our heads and tickle our tummies, colour, sex and creed are irrelevant to that.


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