Friday 4th September 2009

Judging by the garden, Shadow has taken BP’s oil discovery very seriously and is now seeing whether she can find oil below our back garden. So far she has only discovered a large amount of very wet, dirty mud which she has liberally spread over the kitchen floor and my Mistress’s trousers. I said she should be grateful, if she had found oil that would make a much worse mess than simple mud.

A month today we are having a fun day for all the dogs like me to get together in this country. I can’t wait. It’s going to be an opportunity for me to meet lots of people who can admire how good looking I am and make a fuss of me. Shadow is hoping that her brothers might be able to come. She wants to introduce me to them. I think if they are as lovely as their sister then we should get on just fine. It reminded me of the reunion I had with my brother and sisters when we were six months old. I wonder how they’re all doing now.

Writing her first book was easy in comparison to trying to get started on her second one. My Mistress feels as though she is going round in circles, but I said to her that all this time spent in preparation will pay off. Besides, how can you really settle to writing when the house is full of children interrupting you all the time? It’s bad enough when it’s just dogs that cause all the interruptions but we really aren’t as bad as children. At least we don’t fight and argue on a daily basis. We do play a little rough once in a while but we can easily be stopped by a sharp word or two and we never mean any harm.


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