Friday 23rd March 2007

I can help with decorating. Who is she trying to kid? We get to the house in Middlesbrough, where I haven’t been for a while so need to check out all the latest smells and odd corners and before I have even unpacked my bed, she suggests that I can help with decorating. The paint is not even my colour. I don’t mean I don’t like it, of course I do, but the problem is I am likely to get it on my coat and it is going to stand out, whichever bit I get it on. I almost confused her into forgetting which way round things were supposed to be when I said to my mistress “If you are good, I will let you do a little bit of painting whilst I take a nap.” I thought I had got away with it but she pulled herself up sharp just after saying “thank you” and almost walking away. Well, don’t blame me if I end up with ears the colour of red wine.

I shan’t see the children until later. I have grown a bit since they last saw me, I hope they will still recognise me. Maybe they won’t remember me, that would really upset me. I’m waiting to see what excuse my mistress is going to give as to why I can’t sleep in James’s room. It always was because I slept in my own room downstairs but that isn’t true anymore, I sleep by the side of her bed. I wonder if she will be honest and say I am her dog and she doesn’t want to share me. I’d still be her dog, even if she did let me sleep in with James and she knows how much he would appreciate it. I would sort of miss her though.


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