Friday 21st March 2008

I’m rather playing on my physical infirmity. ‘Do I really need to go for a walk today? I’m feeling a little tired. Oh my goodness, is it raining outside? I hadn’t noticed.’ I wonder how long my Mistress is going to be fooled by that line for?

The dog training idea is becoming a reality. It turns out that I don’t need to be excluded from dog shows after all. Basically because my little operation ( we boys prefer not to mention it by name, it depresses us too much), was purely for medical reasons, it turns out that I am not excluded from being a show dog. Sadly, my breed is still not fully recognised in this country, which is a bit of a drawback and worse I am not currently trained to show ring standards. My mistress is now on a mission to correct both of those points. I don’t know which she is more likely to succeed with, me or the kennel club! I suppose I am basically trainable, I will sit, lie down and walk to heal on command, when I choose to. That last bit seems to be the problem. In a show ring the dog is not expected to stand and have a discussion with it’s owner before obeying. I knew I was going wrong somewhere. My Mistress thinks it would be good for me to meet other dogs regularly on a more official basis anyway and it is only over the road. She was thinking of joining the agility class but she thinks I’d be better not to do that now. I said it was ok, I didn’t mind if she joined without me, but that wasn’t her intention, she seems to feel the need to have a dog with her for company, but then she’s not as agile as she used to be.


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