Friday 20th March 2009

You’d think that the services of one courier company would be much the same as the next, but you’d be wrong. You can choose between one that can guarantee next day delivery, but for whom the nearest office is over forty miles away, or one that has local branches. To my innocent dog way of thinking that looks on paper to be an easy choice. Once again, you’d be wrong. The local branch doesn’t even have daily pick ups to take your parcel to a sorting location. Then there’s the good old Post Office who can’t tell you exactly when it’s going to get there but do their best to do it quickly. Faced with this choice, my Mistress half thought she’d be better to get on a train and deliver it herself. She has entrusted her parcel to the Post Office and is now crossing her fingers. I laughed and said ‘It’s just like being back in Belgium’ but she didn’t see the funny side.

I noticed on the internet today that there is a whole village for sale in Hampshire. It’s even better than the half a village that was for sale near us recently. With a whole village you really could be Lord of the Manor. I wonder if they had ever considered a dog becoming Lord of the Manor? Imagine having a whole village to be in control of. I don’t suppose for a minute it would mean it could do what you wanted, but I can’t help thinking it might be fun. Now all I need to do is find a bank that is willing to lend £25m to a dog. I suppose that is going to depend on whether they have taken to heart all the things people have been saying about how they should take their lending more seriously. It’s almost worth a try.

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